Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball

Master's Tournament
@     Yucatan Liquid Stand
Saturday November 13th 2010  
sponsored by: Winning Edge Sports

King of the Beach Open/A

General Information:
Yucatan Liquid Stand (1850 Beltline Road, Coppell, Texas 75019) is located 1.2 miles west of I-35E on Beltline Road. map link You cannot bring food or drink into the club. Sign/Registration will begin at Noon in the Yucatan parking lot. You must be signed in and your entry fee paid by 12:15 PM. The lightning round will begin at 12:30 We will be taking a short break between pool play and play offs, so you will have a chance to grab a bite to eat.

History: This will be the eigthth annual Master's Tournament. The first three tournaments were won by Mark Winkler. For more details: History

King of The Beach Open (Handicapped)
The concept for the Master's King of the Beach Open Handicapped Division was developed in order to get the numerous older players, who rarely, if ever, play in tournaments, out to compete. Since there is a wide age range of players 36 and older, an age based handicap points system was developed. The idea for that came from USAV, where a handicap is awarded to a team when it competes in a younger division.

Rules: You must be at least 36 years old to compete. Let serve, rally scoring to 21, side change every seven points, antennas and the 8 x 16 meter court will be used.

Format: Players will be assigned by drawing into 4 person pools. Seeding will be based on prior Master's Tournament finishes. The drawing will determine order of play in pool. The first round will be a lighting round. Depending on the number of players, some of the top seeds may get a bye for the Lightning Round. The lightning round is three games to seven, played back to back to back with no breaks or warm ups in between. The results, point differentials, will determine each player's division. Players will be assigned to the Open or A division.

In open the players will be assigned to 4 man pools. Three games per round, games will end at 21. The must win by two rule is not in effect. After the first round, players will be assigned new pools based on their rank in pool. Playoff/finals pool rankings will be determined by: Number of wins then (PF)-(PA) + (H). (points for-points against + handicap)

Winners of each round will advance to the finals pool or a playoff pool, if needed. Winners of both rounds may receive a bye.

Playoff and final rounds will have the same basic format as the opening round, the number and length of games will be determined by the director based on the pace and other tournament variables.

The champion will be the finals player with the highest PF-PA+H rank. In case of a tie the champion will be the one with the most wins. If they are tied in number of wins, then the winner is the one with the earliest birth date. (Birth date has determined finishing position at two events.)

Payout: $200 Guaranteed - $100 Champion, $50 Second, $34 third & $16 fourth. One hundred percent of entry fees, beyond the first $200 and the cost of the A division prize, will be added to the purse.

A Division - In pool play in the A division will be set up where each player will play at least one game with every other player or a minimum of 6 games, not including the lightning round. The winner will receive an AVP Game Ball.

Entry Fee: 16 dollars online in advance,  20 dollars at Yucatan on Oct 23rd.

Registration: Participants must be registered online by 9:00 AM Saturday the 23rd of October or in person at Yucatan by 11:30AM. Online select "Pay by Check or Money Order" on the check out page, if you want to pay with cash or check in person. No credit Card payments will be accepted at the tournament.

Handicaps: 36-38 years=(0), 39-42 years=(1), 43-47 years=(3), 48-52 years=(5), 53-57 years=(7), 58-62 years=(9), 63-67=(11), 68+ = (13) points

Master's King of the Beach Handicapped
 Price: $16.00

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