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ProSeries Ice Pack Systems combine a real ice pack with a wrap designed to apply firm compression for the most effective cold therapy possible. Experts agree (R.I.C.E.) Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation is the formula for treating chronic and acute sports injuries. Talk to your Doctor, Physical Therapist or Athletic Trainer about the benefits of ice and how it is essential to achieve your rehabilitation goals. Read this article about icing: how it works, how long to apply and the danger of refrigerant gels. Cryotherapy
Elbow - Universal - Back - Shoulder - Hip - Ankle - Knee
Wide Mouth - Six Pack

"I found the PROSERIES shoulder ice wrap to be the best one I have ever used, and I've tried many in my 30 years of volleyball competition."
- Karch Kiraly, Three Time Olympic Gold Medalist
"For years we have been using ice to rehabilitate and prevent injuries. PROSERIES products make this process cost effective, convenient and efficient."
- Gary Sato, DC, USA Olympic Men's Volleyball Coach '88 Gold Medal '92 Bronze Medal
"The PROSERIES product line of cold/compression therapy products has been a standout in our sports-orthopedic physical therapy practice."
- Andrew Everett, PT, ATC, CSCS, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
ProSeries Elbow 2001
ProSeries Elbow - Limited Quantity
This is ProSeries smallest ice pack. It can also be used on the wrist. When your hurt remember R.I.C.E. Rest - Ice - Compression - Elevation. ProSeries Systems are elastic so you can add compression when you ice. They stay in place making it much easier to stay on your icing regimen.
 Price: $25.00

ProSeries Universal Medium 2002 & Large 2003
Proseries Universal Ice Packs
These ice packs can be used in a variety of places. They are good for: ankles, knees, thighs, arms - any appendage you can wrap them around. If you're not petite go with the large size: it will be more versatile.
  Medium - Price: $30.00
   Large - Price: $35.00

ProSeries Back 2004
ProSeries Back
Tired of having to stop everything and lie flat on your back to ice? This system has a mesh pocket to hold the ice bag in place. Walk - sit, even lie on your side.
 Price: $35.00

ProSeries Shoulder 2005
ProSeries Shoulder
Beach volleyball might be easier than indoor on the other joints, but not on the shoulder. A good icing program will help get you back on the court and help keep you there.
 Price: $35.00

ProSeries Hip 2006
ProSeries Hip
Use on the hip or glutal region for problems such as bursitis and swelling due to closed fractures and hip pointer injuries. This is a tough area to ice without a ProSeries ice pack system, so get one, stay on your icing regimen and get back in the game, what ever it is.
 Price: $35.00

ProSeries Double Shoulder 2202
ProSeries Double Shoulder - Limited Quantity
You can take a lot of heat out of your shoulder fast with this rig. If you're not above average size stick with the single ice pack unit.
 Price: $65.00

ProSeries Double Knee 2203
ProSeries Double Knee - Limited Quantity
This system features two ice packs. In most cases they will completely surround the knee for the quickest possible reduction in pain and swelling. If you do not need to ice both sides you can save some bucks and use either of the universals.
 Price: $65.00

ProSeries Double Ankle 2204
ProSeries Double Ankle - Limited Quantity
Surround your ankle in ice. If you do not need to ice both sides you can save some bucks and use either of the universals.
 Price: $45.00

ProSeries Wide Mouth Six Pack 2999
ProSeries Six Pack - Out of Stock
This 'plain brown wrapper' package of six ice bags is intended for the professional using ice therapy in a clinical environment. The ice packs are 11 inches in diameter and have three inch wide, ice cube gulping, mouths. The wide mouths make filling the ice bags a fast and easy task. This means less time fumbling with ice bags and more time with your patients
 Price: $87

Elbow - Universal - Back - Shoulder - Ankle - Knee

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