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Sunglasses are a Beach Volleyball Essential
Wearing contact lenses makes sunglasses an essential for playing beach volleyball. Even if you don't wear contacts, you should be wearing sunglasses for UV Protection for your eyes. You wear sunscreen don't you?

If you are on an outdoor volleyball court you need to be wearing sports sunglasses, no glass and no metal frames. Getting six-packed is bad enough, no sense adding injury to embarrassment.

After wearing Oakley's for several years, mid to late nineties, I started wearing Native's. The Native's outperformed the Oakley's, they are the best Sunglasses I've used. Both the lenses and frames held up better. Native has a great warranty and great customer service. Recently I lost my third pair of Native's. I had this pair for almost three years, a personal record, they were still in great shape. If I hadn't lost the first pair I would probably still be using them.

A good friend, a VBaller and now an ex-Native wearer, has developed a sunglasses line of his own. Azores' are made with premium materials, have "high end" warranty protection and a price about half of what you would expect. Winning Edge Sports has participated in Azores' development, in an advisory capacity, from the start. We are happy that we can, with confidence, offer you a quality, less expensive, alternative to our premium Native line.

Since I lost the Native's I have been wearing Azores'. They get the job done. One thing nice about them is that you can hang them around your neck. (Maybe that feature will help me hold on to them.)

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