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This company started out making net systems, sand anchors and court line systems. Additional items used by beach players were added at the request of our customers. We only carry items that we use ourselves. That is why you will not find an eight dollar plastic picnic volleyball on this site.

In order to keep our prices low we have a very limited selection of products. We spend very little money on advertising, so you aren't paying extra for that. We will also save you money on shipping. When you compare our prices to the competition's, remember to compare the shipping charges. If you email us with your zip code and item(s) you want, we can give you a quote on the shipping.

We accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express. We can also send you a Paypal bill or, if you are concerned about the "unknown" cost of shipping, we can call for your credit card information after your order is packed and the shipping cost is determined. You can mail in your payment, by check or money order. Select this option during check out and you will be emailed payment instructions.

There are lots of ways to charge for shipping. We use the fairest method of all. We charge you exactly what it costs. The majority of our orders are sent USPS. When you receive your order you will see that the postage equals the amount you were charged.

In order to do this we do not automatically authorize and settle your Credit Card Orders while you are on our site. We pull, pack and weight your order before we run your card number. This lets us do two things, charge you the exact shipping cost and never charge your card before your order is ready to ship.

We use UPS for heavier items, because it costs you less. If you can have your order sent to a "business" address, it will save you even more money.

Most orders are shipped in 24 hours, except weekends and holidays. If your order will not be shipped in 48 hours you will emailed with an estimated shipping date.

International customers will be contacted by email to approve shipping method and cost. Please monitor your email after ordering. Time in customs is ususally longer than shipping time. If you have not received your package 30 days after we tell you it will arrive in your country, estimated shipping time plus thirty days to clear customs, contact us and we will take the appropriate action. Due to greater risk and additional paper work, there will be an addtional 2% handling charge on international orders. You may be required to pay some duty/tax by your country's customs department.

If you like our prices, products and service please tell all your volleyball friends about us.

Contact Information 
Email: winningedgesports@charter.net
Phone: 817-917-5775 (texts encouraged)
Address: Winning Edge Sports DFW, Texas